BOOSTer Summit - SEL



Friday, August 7, 2020

SEL in the Classroom and at Home

9:00am-2:30pm PST
10:00am-3:30pm MT
11:00am-4:30pm CDT
12:00pm-5:30pm EDT
No Cost

*Note: participants must commit to the entire day when registering.

Join us for an interactive day of SEL practices to embed in your classroom, out-of-school time program, or at home. Families and educators have a unique collaborative opportunity to support students to build their social-emotional skills using no cost resources to create connection, community, and collaboration.


9:00am-9:15am                  Icebreaker Activities

*No late entries will be admitted after 9:15 am

9:15am-9:30am                  Welcome & Intros
9:30am-10:45am                Workshop
Healthy Relationships Start with Harmony

Jakotora Tjoutuku, Ambassador & Trainer, Sanford Harmony, Brooklyn, NY

Sanford Harmony is a no-cost research-based social emotional learning program that promotes positive peer relations among students through lessons and activities that encourage communication, collaboration, and mutual respect. Session participants will be introduced to the Sanford Harmony Online Learning Portal with everything they need to successfully integrate Harmonys’ social-emotional learning program into instruction, including training, lessons, activities, videos, stories, games, and songs. Participants will be introduced to the Sanford Harmony Game Room app. The 10 Largest School Districts in the Country Choose Harmony Sanford Harmony is the fastest-growing social emotional learning program in the nation, proven to foster communication, connection, and community both in and out of the PK-6 classroom.

10:45am-11:00am            Comfort Break & Lunch Prep
11:00am– 11:45am           Lunch Keynote
Claudine James, 2019 Sanford Teacher Award Winner, Malvern, AR

Ms.Claudine Sanders James is a native of Malvern, Arkansas and teaches in the same district she attended. As she enters her 12th year of teaching and community activism, she’s set a precedent as a passionate educator who enjoys inspiring students both inside and outside of the classroom. She currently teaches 8th grade English and is ESL and National Board Certified, plus serves as the district’s Community Cultural Liaison. James embodies qualities that deliver success in schools, and to this credit has received numerous awards, including most recently: Walgreens WE Teachers Award, Atkinson Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Arkansas History, Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Teacher Innovator Award, 2019 Sanford Teaching Award and 2020 local Community Service Award. In addition, she shares her educational experience with other educators through many engaging speaking platforms.

11:45am-11:55am             Mindful Break
11:55am-12:55pm             Workshop
Be the Spark: Nurturing Student Inspiration

Veronica Calvo, Senior Manager, Partnerships, Sanford Inspire/National University, Chicago, IL

Sanford Inspire offers more than 70 free, research-based, on-demand courses to support educator professional development. These resources are designed to support social emotional learning and inspirational instruction in Pre-K–12 classrooms and distance learning environments. You will find relevant topics, like Teaching Students Empathy, Working Against Racial Bias, Supporting Trauma-Exposed Students, and much more!

Our Online Learning Portal gives you access to:

  • More than 70 free on-demand courses
  • Personalized professional development based on interest and focus areas
  • 30- and 60- minute courses fit easily into a busy educator’s schedule
  • End-of-course assessments to show mastery of content
  • Coaching guides to help instructional leaders support teachers
  • Certificates of completion may be used for professional development hours
12:55pm-1:05pm               Networking & Reflection
1:05pm-2:05pm                  Workshop
Empowering Student Voice & Purpose

Troy Hickerson, UNICEF Kid Power Co-Creator, UNICEF Kid Power, Newport Beach, CA; Sanjula Singhal, Senior Associate, UNICEF Ventures, New York, NY; Wendy Zachrisen, Marketing, Strategy & Partnerships, UNICEF Kid Power, Schaumburg, IL

Inspire an entire generation of students to make a difference in the world! By leveraging UNICEF Kid Power®, a free interactive video platform, you and your students can unlock life-saving support (therapeutic food and medical supplies) that UNICEF distributes to children in our global and local communities. Introduce important SEL topics to spark reflection and discussion (aligns with curriculum from our partner Sanford Harmony), integrate movement, foster positive classroom behavior, and keep students motivated whether they’re learning face-to-face or eLearning. Sign up for free at to build a sense of community with purpose for your classroom.

2:05pm-2:15pm                  Action Planning
2:15pm-2:30pm                  Closing Reflection, Evaluation & Raffle