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BOOST Master Class 2017: Ignite Their Passion with Project Based Learning

BOOST Master Class 2017: Ignite Their Passion with Project Based Learning

Are you an after school program leader looking to better connect students to the community?

Have you heard about project-based learning but lack the skills to implement it effectively? Do you want to see every single one of your students engaged in work that both challenges them and ignites their passions?

Master PBL in 5 Simple Steps

Imagine telling your students that they will be designing and printing 3-dimensional medical devices to assist ophthalmologists with eye exams. Or, if 3D printing isn’t their thing, that they will be creating small businesses to raise funds for displaced refugee training. I’ve seen students as young as 10 years old complete these tasks! You too can lead these kinds of experiences in your after school program. When you couple high-interest projects with out of school time, the possibilities are endless.

What You Will Learn

This master class will provide program leaders with the 5 simple steps to lead effective project-based experiences during after school time.

The class will draw upon the experience of Kyle Wagner, a former educator at High Tech High and leader of project-based learning programs on both sides of the globe. Through anecdotal experience and concrete examples, you will learn:

  • How to come up with the ideas for your own project-based experiences
  • How to build capacity in your after school instructors to lead these experiences
  • How to connect your PBL experiences to content experts and local allies
  • How to personalize the experiences for your students
  • How to incorporate rigorous content and skills

I hope to see you there at the BOOST Master Class.

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