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BOOST Breakfast Club 2015 Recap

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Thank you for sharing 2015 with us!

We look forward to this coming year and creating opportunities for change in educational and social services agencies serving youth in the out-of-school time hours.

Our blog has a wealth of resources you and your organization from professionals in out-school-time, youth development, and education from across the globe.

Our topics include: 21st Century Learning, Advocacy & Policy, Building Relationships, Closing the Achievement Gap, Common Core, Community Collaborations/Partnerships, Cultural Competency/Diversity/Equity, Ed Reform, EdTech, Expanded Learning Opportunities, Family Involvement, Funding & Sustainability, Health/Safety/Nutrition/Physical Activity, Inclusion/Special Needs, Mentoring, Organizational Leadership, Prevention, Professional Development, Service Learning/Volunteerism, Social Emotional Learning, Youth Culture/Trends, Youth Development. We would love to hear from you with topics you want to read about in 2016!

Here are our 2015 blog highlights:

We continued our Global Learning Partnership with Asia Society focusing on global learning in out-of-school time:
  • Food as a Foundation for Global Understanding
  • Experience Inspires Love
  • Teaching Students How to ask Deep, Personal Questions
  • 3 Ways to Infuse Global Learning into Summer Programs
  • Engineering Challenges Promote 21st-Century Skills and Engage Youth
  • Photography Can Transform Perspectives
  • Leveraging Wellness to Help Children Think Global and Act Local
  • Physical Education Can Promote Global Competence
We assisted in marketing efforts with the National Geographic Channel Breakthrough Series focusing on STEM. Read a special Q & A with Executive Producer Kurt Sayenga and visit the blog for a recap of each episode.
Increased our blog community by adding 16 new bloggers. Visit our blogging team and learn more about each contributor.
We have been featured twice in Education Week. Visit those blogs here and here.
Our back to school special has 18 messages of encouragement to educators that can be shared year-round with your fellow staff.
To get ready for the BOOST Conference and keynote speaker Simon Sinek, we had our blogging community share their why: the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do. You can read the summary blog here.
With the release of the film Where Hope Grows, we had the opportunity to interview Writer/Director Chris Dowling where he shared insight for educators working with the special needs community.

Some of our most read blogs have been:

  • 9 Tips from Out-of-School Experts to Build #PartnershipsWithPurpose, by Daniel Hatcher
  • The Story of Two Wes Moore’s: An Impactful Reading Experience, by Tara Donahue
  • Helping Kids Handle Test Stress, by Renaye Thornborrow
  • Master Class: Inside the “Magic Circle” of Gamification and Game-Based Learning, by Matt Farber
  • My Why: When I Grow Up, I Want to Be “Them,” by Jaime Singer
  • Positive Youth Development: An Idea Who’s Time Has Come, Again and Again, by Jeff Davis
  • Let’s Take Another Selfie!, by Shawn Petty
  • A Challenge to Educators, by Justin McGlamery

We hope to see you at next year’s BOOST Conference! Here is a blog post to help you start planning for it to be your best conference yet!

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