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Author: Lesley Morgan

Working With The SIFE English Learner Student

Have a new student?  Are they a Student with Interrupted Formal Education (SIFE)? New students enroll all the time. Generally, there is an uptick in enrollments around the semester change (just after winter holidays/New Year) or other major holidays. I have received new EL (English Learner) students just after Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year, and Easter/Spring breaks. There are many reasons...

Preparing your English Learner Student for Summer Break

*While this blog post focuses on preparing your English Learner (ELs) for summer break, the suggestions would be applicable for all students. It’s almost summer!  Depending on where you live and your school district, many schools across the U.S. are starting to close out the academic year. (Can we get an Amen?) For our ELs, summer break—while a welcome event, can also bring uncertainty and limited...

Translating Is Not Modifying: Tips for Teaching English Learners

Editor’s Note: Welcome first-time BOOST Blogger Lesley Morgan.  Lesley is an English Learning Specialist in West Virginia.  She works with students (K-12) and has been teaching for seventeen years. Lesley is also an Adjunct Faculty for Marshall University.   —– As I stood in front of the classroom of 40 Japanese boys and girls, I paused. Inside I was terrified and my thoughts wer...