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3 Ideas to Develop Healthy and Active Role Models this Fall

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Our last blog featured 6 Ideas to Make Your Next Staff Meeting Fun and Healthy this Summer. Did you try one of them? Maybe you made “Silly Water” for a retreat or added some physical activity to your regular staff meeting. Building on those tips, here are a few ideas to help you continue to develop healthy and active role models this fall. Let us know how it goes by tweeting to @HealthierGen.

Developing Healthy and Active Role Models this Fall

1. Do you have a fall festival or family event coming up? Kick of your agenda with a short 3-5 minute fitness break! Fit for a Healthier Generation videos feature celebrities like Bob Harper, Billy Blanks, Tara Stiles, and Zumba. This video collection is designed to be a grab-and-go tool for you and will help you show staff, families and children that staying active is a priority for your organization.

2. Research shows that when parents increase physical activity, children increase their activity as well. As you prepare welcome packets to kick off fall programing, print and share handouts like How to Be a Smarter Shopper from Food and Fun.

Expert Tip: Notify families during the registration process that your organization seeks to encourage healthy eating and physical activity.

Expert Tip: If you send a regular family newsletter, include healthy recipes or wellness tips.

3. At your next staff meeting, talk to your team about the importance of setting a good example for children. Ask staff to think about the foods and beverages they bring in and consume. If youth see staff drinking water and snacking on fruits and veggies, a strong message is sent about the importance of good nutrition. Integrate pre-recorded videos from Alliance for a Healthier Generation experts into your next staff development day.

fall snacks healthy role modelsExpert Tip: Consider creating an organizational wellness team to identify National Afterschool Association Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards that could be incorporated into organizational policies or guidelines.

For more resources to help you be an active and healthy role model, visit the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

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