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18 Messages of Encouragement to Educators

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In some locations, school has been in session for a couple weeks, while the doors of other schools and out-of-school time programs are just opening.

This piece is collaboratively written by our bloggers and includes wisdom, tips, and inspiration for all of our valued educators. You ALL matter, and we wish you a successful school year.

“Let love rule. Let’s assume best intentions from our team of colleagues, the families we serve and the children and youth we teach. To trust is a choice. Start the year with choosing to trust your team. Assume they have your best interest in mind; because it is also theirs. Ubuntu!”
– Carola Secada, Director of Programs, Camino Nuevo Charter Academy, Los Angeles, CA
“Remember the anticipation, nervousness, excitement, and thrill of going back to school as a kid. Channel that into your interactions with the young people you work with – be the calming, energizing, happy, optimistic presence they need.”
Jaime Singer, Senior Consultant , American Institutes for Research, Chicago, IL
“Remember that each child has a story. Spending the summer at home can be bittersweet, their summer might have been good and bad. Help them remember they are coming back to a safe, fun, welcoming place and you are glad they are here.”
-Megan Green, Director of After-school Programs, Center for the Collaborative Classroom, Emeryville, CA
“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
-Corey Newhouse, Founder and Principal, Public Profit, Oakland, CA
“Be intentional and purposeful in all that you do, connect the purposes for all your activities to specific goals relating to youth, family, and community outcomes.”
-Jeff Davis, Interim Director, California AfterSchool Network, Sacramento, CA
“Know you are truly valued and appreciated… especially when the press suggests otherwise. Continue to tell kids they are great and celebrate their strengths. Challenge them to dream big, overcome roadblocks with tenacity, and recognize failures as chances to learn. Empower and inspire daily.”
– Brad Lupien, Co-Founder and Co-President, arc, Inglewood, CA
“Students are poured into by multiple educators each and every day. Take time to acknowledge and appreciate your fellow teachers, your administrators, parent helpers, teachers’ assistants, and after-school workers. Value them all as being part of a communal team seeking to nurture each student individually, and a thriving learning environment on a daily basis.”
– Erin Thomas, Family Support Program Coordinator, Friendship Centre, Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada
“Dare mighty things. Inspire them to look up. Light their fires.”
-Leslie Lowes, Informal Education Specialist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Los Angeles, CA
“When the road gets rough and you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel, just remember this, those young people who challenge you most today, will be your greatest reward in the future.”
– Annemarie Grassi, Chief Executive Officer, Open Doors Academy, Cleveland, OH
“Let children show you what they know in ways beyond written responses or bubbled in test questions. Let them share their knowledge using art, music, drama, dance, and their voice as the modality.”
– ElizaBeth Parker Phillips, Program Development Director, Child Development, Inc., Sacramento, CA
“What an amazing opportunity we have has educators to assist a child along their journey to awesomeness. Remember that a child’s potential is endless!”
– Eric Evans, Geminus, Merrillville, IN
“Identify the habits of care in your after school program, i.e. how do youth know that you care about them? That their peers care about them? What more can you do on a daily basis to show that you care?”
– Jenna Bacolor, Executive Director of Community Education and Recreation, Ann Arbor, MI
“Everyone’s experience counts. It is our responsibility to meet each learner where they are.
Remember that we are all each other’s students and teachers. Teachers stand to learn as much from students, as the students do from teachers.”
– Justin McGlamery, Adventure Education Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty at The University of Saint Joseph 
“Ask your kids to set one new goal for this school year. Something they love to do, want to get better at or exploring something brand new. Ask them how they will be accountable to their goal. Follow up with them every month.”
– Julia Gabor, Director of Education, WRiTE BRAiN World, Los Angeles, CA
“Smile—a friendly face can make all the difference in the world to a child. Model how to be respectful to everyone, including students, parents, and other school staff members. It’s okay to be crazy, fun, and think outside the box!”
– Tara Donahue, Managing Evaluator, McREL International, Nashville, TN
“Give yourself permission to move! Take the stairs, lead a walking meeting or hold an impromptu activity break at your next staff meeting.”
– Daniel Hatcher, National Healthy Out-of-School Time Advisor, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Washington DC
“Foster a learning environment of acceptance without judgement and encourage an atmosphere of mutual caring. Show students that they are valued, worthy, and capable. You can empower them to take greater ownership of their educational experience.”
– Chelsea Aiken, Communications Coordinator, EduCare Foundation, Van Nuys, CA
“Celebrate and appreciate your team members. As a whole, you work to influence the lives of each student.”
– Kristin Stayer, BOOST Breakfast Club Blog Manager, Anderson, IN

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