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Be the Change Consulting provides high quality learning experiences and consulting for organizations to reach their creative potential.

We do this through an intentional process that connects core values to organizational outcomes while providing research-based strategies, experiential learning techniques, and live coaching on real issues.

Our solutions engage clients in creative problem-solving, provide alignment to research and best practices, and offer strategies to institutionalize organizational change.

Our approach brings to life the following learning and implementation principles:

We teach by being and doing.

We use facilitation strategies that practitioners can replicate with youth. Our rich learning environments captivate multiple learning styles, provoke curiosity, and leverage cultural relevance to motivate learning.

We promote cascading leadership.

Strong practices start at the top of an organization and flow throughout to every member of the team. Organizations with clearly defined and aligned organizational practices have higher rates of retention and staff development – so that staff are supported to learn and grow.

We combine theory with practice.

Our work is backed by both research and field-tested experience. Instead of teaching through presentation and lectures , we promote self-discovery and group dialogue to activate curiosity and co-construct meaning—to ultimately combine passion with precision.

We pilot, incubate, evaluate, then sustain.

We simultaneously build ideas on paper while testing in the field. This allows for a continuous refinement as we experiment with new ideas, incorporate feedback from stakeholders, and listen to the voices of those most often left out when ideas are being born. This creates tailored solutions that are welcomed by communities.

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  • 344 20th Street Oakland, CA