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Cybersecurity Taking Root in Afterschool

The best and worst of online times. What do you know about Cybersecurity? The Internet, as we all know, offers all the information you could ever want to find, all the time, from anywhere. Unfortunately, “all the information” includes a lot of revealing, specific data about ourselves, our property, and things we care about that we might not want or even understand to be available. Staying protected while connected has become a fundamental challenge of citizenship, as the reach of “being online” ...Read More

STEM Doesn’t Have to be Pink

I was contemplating what to blog about today. My birthday is coming up so maybe I would write about traditions and celebrations.  I knew for sure I would not be writing about the World Cup because besides the Google Doodles and posts from friends on Facebook, I really haven’t been keeping up.  But then I was part of a conversation that got my goat. It was about attracting elementary school girls to STEM by offering pink lab coats and hard hats. Let me go ahead and say it.  I am a fan of pink.  I...Read More