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Not Your Mother’s Meeting: 4 Ways to Creating Meaningful Meetings (PT 1)

Do you ever go to a meeting and wonder why you came?  Do your meetings lack the fun and energy that keep people engaged and ready to participate? Personally, I think meetings should be limited to an hour max (whenever possible).  This year, I’ve had the pleasure of organizing and moderating our 2017 Youth Philanthropy Webinar Series, a four-part series designed to support next-gen leadership and giving opportunities through real-world examples and resources from experts all over the country.  Th...Read More

6 Ideas to Make Your Next Staff Meeting Fun and Healthy This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and it is typically a time for more casual meetings, new volunteers and summer interns. Motivate your staff and volunteers by trying these ideas for making staff meetings and events fun and healthy. Included are some great ideas from Alliance for a Healthier Generation friends too! Let us know how it goes and tweet us your ideas using @HealthierGen. 1. Activity keeps us healthy; and healthy employees are more productive, have more energy and manage stress better....Read More