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A New Year’s Resolution

Today is the last day of 2017. It’s been a strange year. I feel like we’re living in some Bizarro World version of America. It’s as if one day we will wake up and realize this was all just a bad dream. A year ago I thought, “Well, I lived through eight years of W, I’ll get through this.” I didn’t think it would affect me personally, but it has. It does, every day. I live in Irvine, a diverse suburban community in which less than half of the population is white. A multitude of languages can be he...Read More

So, Maybe I Don’t Have It All Together…

So, maybe I don’t have it all together… Boom. Boom. Boom. The sound of little feet running through the room. “Walking feet,” I automatically shout. “Do we have more paper?” “Where are the scissors?” “Ms. Lexi, Ms. LEXI!” These sounds surround me. The Issue I don’t always answer every question correctly. I often forget to buy more paper. And, I can’t hold twenty conversations at the same time (despite my kids’ best efforts to help me with that). But today I am choosing to be thankful that I don’t...Read More

Confessions and Reflections of a Crank Caller

When I was a kid, back in the late 1970’s and 80’s, we had two telephones in my house. One was upstairs and was a tabletop rotary phone, the other was a wall-mounted rotary phone with a super-long cord that you could get all tangled up in as you talked and walked as far as it would allow you to go before it would pull back at you just enough to remind you that you were about to pull the phone off the wall. Telephones then had just one function: voice calls. There were no fancy screen...Read More

New Year…New What?

It is one day before the end of the year and most people are trying to figure out how to improve themselves for next year. We are working on resolutions that are usually long forgotten by the second week of the New Year. Yet, we still do it! Before we all go mad trying to convince ourselves that we need to lose weight, be kinder, be more organized, or just in general be better people, let’s just all take a minute and ask, what impact did I have this year? What was the question?!? What impa...Read More