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My Resolution For A Better Me

As we begin 2018, how many of you made a New Year’s resolution? I know I am taking advantage of this opportunity to make a commitment to myself and to make changes in myself. A new year is a perfect time to engage in a fresh start. I, like many people, could resolve to eat better, exercise more, or curb frivolous spending, but instead, I am going to take steps toward better mental health in the new year. For inspiration to help with my resolution I am turning to Mahatma Gandhi. His gentle approa...Read More

Grow Our Growth Mindset: Rethinking How We Praise Kids

The favorite part of my job is getting out of the office to visit after-school programs. I see that kids really do like science and engineering when given the chance to jump into hands-on projects and explore questions that interest them. What has surprised me is seeing the difference in how kids approach challenges in after-school programs. Engineering design challenges can be a great way for kids to experience the practices that scientists and engineers engage in. They start with a real world ...Read More