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Many years ago, I arrived at a middle school to evaluate an after school program. As with all site visits, I checked in to the school office and asked where the after school program was located. They were unsure of which “after school program” I was actually looking for. This school, like most, had over a dozen programs happening simultaneously throughout their campus during after school hours. I found the state-funded after school program (that I was on campus to evaluate) and quickly learned t...Read More

15 Messages of Encouragement to Site Supervisors

As the beginning of the school year is underway, safe spaces during the out-of-school time hours are open and serving children all around the nation. This piece is collaboratively written by our bloggers and includes wisdom, tips, and inspiration for all of our valued Site Supervisors of out-of-school time programs. You ALL matter, and we wish you a successful school year. “I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this quote from Faouzi Skali: “My friend, stop searching for the wh...Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the BOOST Conference in 2018

Join the largest, most recognized and comprehensive global convening for after school, expanded learning, and out-of-school time professionals May 1-4, 2018! Here are 5 reasons why you should attend the Best of Out-of-School Time Conference next year: Reason #1 – It’s FUN and ENGAGING What if your conference experience felt like an after school program? You’ve got it! Set in a retreat-like atmosphere, this annual, extraordinary event will rejuvenate your passion, boost your direction for quality...Read More

Conversations After Dark at BOOST

Reflecting on some of the many strong and impactful events that happened at the BOOST Conference this year, there is one event I need to highlight – because this conversation, while it’s been one we have been having for decades, STILL needs more energy and intentional activity. We need to keep fighting for this topic to stay top of mind within school communities, in expanded learning communities, and where parents, community members, and local business need to become more involved and a pa...Read More

5 Ways to use BOOST Cafe for Professional Development

BOOST Collaborative, the creator of the BOOST Conference, is proud to announce the launch of BOOST Cafe. The Beta version was launched in early 2017 and offers a plethora of tools and professional development resources for your program. So, what the heck is it and what’s in it for you and the out-of-school time world?! …….We’re so glad you asked. BOOST Cafe is a comprehensive online community for those in out-of-school time.  Phase 1 features: An interactive forum to shar...Read More

My Moments at BOOST that Left Me Wanting More

We recently asked our BOOST Leadership and Blogging Teams to share their favorite memory and why they volunteer to be a team member of the BOOST Conference. Perhaps you will be a volunteer, Ambassador or Breakfast Club Blogger for BOOST in 2018. Enjoy! Definitely the very first time I attended the BOOST Conference. The energy was through the roof and everyone was so eager to work together. I’ve been back every year since. – Daniel W. Hatcher, MPH | Director, Community Partnerships, Allianc...Read More

STEM Anyone? Everyone?

STEM isn’t one of my areas of expertise. As a consultant, I’ve spent time with hundreds of programs. I’m clear that there really are fifth graders who know much more than I do about robotics, coding and engineering design and are better at algebra than I ever will be. I love my time with high school students who are excited about 3-D printers – especially when they make cases for my iPhone. But I really have no idea how this works. I’m probably in the top 10% of folks my ...Read More

The Elephant in the Room

If you’re reading this; that means you are involved with or care about the world of expanded learning time. I’m going to start this blog with a generalization. Ordinarily that’s not the best idea, but I’m pretty sure I’m right. Your mission is not to give extra help to the kids who are doing fine. You’re not involved with expanded learning because you want to provide more access and opportunity to those young people who are already clearly on track for success...Read More

My Why: When I Grow Up, I Want to Be “Them”

When I was in middle school, I told my mom that when I grew up I wanted to be “them.” You know…when people say, “Well, they say that you should drink eight glasses of water a day.” “They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Who exactly are they? I didn’t know. But I wanted in! In my current role as a Senior Technical Assistance Consultant at American Institutes for Research, I present at conferences, conduct site visits in afterschool pr...Read More

My Why: Serving From Behind the Scenes

Most people in the expanded learning field would be able to answer the question, “Do you know your why?” without much trouble. But I’ll be really honest with you. I didn’t find my “why” until I had worked in this field for a while. I got my first job in an after-school program by answering a classified ad in January of 1992. Why did I apply? Mostly because I had just obtained my college degree and I was ready to try something that didn’t involve serving ...Read More

Time Well Spent in Expanded Learning

Put your hand in. Right now, as you’re reading this blog post, take one of your hands and hold it out, palm down, in front of you. It’ll only take a second. No, seriously. We’re going to make a virtual circle of hands here. Let’s do this. Is it in? Good. Keep reading. Now on three, let’s all imagine a really loud “Go team!” and you can lift your hand up. Ready? One, two, three, GO TEAM! That felt good, right? This is when I’d love to ask you to sta...Read More

ASES Programs Caught in a Fiscal Squeeze

In November, 2002, California citizens passed Proposition 49, which requires the Legislature to annually appropriate not less than $550 million to the California Department of Education for the After School Education and Safety (ASES) Program. The Proposition passed with a financial trigger that delayed the release of the appropriation until the 2006/07 fiscal year. The funding has been level since that time, unlike many other programs that were decimated during the recession, but despite its pr...Read More

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