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The Terrifying Click of Heels in the Hall

When I was site coordinator at an elementary school in San Francisco, we were not afraid of the mice in the office, or the cold air that whipped through the poorly insulated windows on a foggy SF morning, or the cafeteria full of wildly enthusiastic pre-teens. No, but we were afraid of the click, click, click of the principal’s heels on the linoleum hallway. We could hear it about 2 minutes before she turned the corner into our closet-like office.  We’d look at each other across our desks, each ...Read More

People Aren’t Flies: How Youth Can Listen Without Needing to Be Heard

We have all experienced a time when we believed we had a genuine connection with a person, only to find out that they had a specific agenda in mind. We have all experienced someone that has tried to proselytize or preach at us, to use us to get ahead, or to gain access to our friends or family members. For many people, what starts out as a genuine connection dissolves almost instantly as soon as the sirens of topics such as politics or religion are sounded. We know how difficult it can be to hav...Read More

5 Ways to Address and Help: Self-Injury

Have you found yourself concerned for a young person with cuts or scratches on their thighs or noticed a wound on their arm that seems to not heal? Has there been a youth or student that you suspected might be harming themselves? Do you know how you would talk with a youth that is engaging in non-suicidal self-injury? Before you address someone’s non-suicidal self-injury, it is important to understand what self-injury is, why someone might engage in it, who is at greater risk of self-injury, and...Read More

“Teacher, I’m A 6!” – Thoughts on Children & The Enneagram

Use of The Enneagram – a personality profiling system – has risen in popularity in the past few years. Some scholars trace its use to ancient cultures and religions, but its use in post-modern self-awareness growth can be more attributed to psychological, sociological, and mystical studies beginning in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Serious Enneagram practitioners and scholars would caution people about using it as a parlour trick to amuse ourselves. It was, after all, designed to help us un...Read More

A Bad Email IS Your Problem: 8 Email Etiquette Tips

Do you think email is the most important form of communication of the 21st century? Do you think that well-crafted emails are part of your organization’s brand? Well, if it’s not on your list as the most utilized form of communication, you might be doing something wrong. And let me tell you, if you want to run a top-level, competitive, and efficient organization in the 21st-century workspace, you better know the rules of email! The consequences can be crucial to your organization and...Read More