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The Terrifying Click of Heels in the Hall

When I was site coordinator at an elementary school in San Francisco, we were not afraid of the mice in the office, or the cold air that whipped through the poorly insulated windows on a foggy SF morning, or the cafeteria full of wildly enthusiastic pre-teens. No, but we were afraid of the click, click, click of the principal’s heels on the linoleum hallway. We could hear it about 2 minutes before she turned the corner into our closet-like office.  We’d look at each other across our desks, each ...Read More

Why Should We Build Relationships with Youth?

I am passionate about teaching kids, and understating WHY students are disengaged. I have written a thesis (currently under review) that examines this national issue- TEACHER EFFECTIVENESS and STUDENT DISENGAGEMENT. In the thesis, I provide seven teaching strategies that help teachers become more effective in the classroom- creating a strong connection to their students, hopefully, improving student retention, and in the end advancing the student’s chances for success inside a competitive ...Read More