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    Bobby Klein

    Does anyone have any tips that I can have on classroom management? I feel like i don’t have any control over my kids. Thanks!

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    ElizaBeth Phillips

    I like using the resources on It takes a bit of time upfront at the beginning of the year to get everyone on the same page but it makes the rest of the year easier as we have a quick reference to expectations and know the procedures.

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    Eddie Gardiner

    I just recently went through a classroom/behavior management training with my staff that focused on developing procedures for the program components in our program. We led our staff through the creation of flow maps that showed the expectation/procedure for the specific program component. We sent off the staff with the task of creating procedures for the remaining of our program components. This has been really successful and now staff and our students know exactly what the expectation is for every part of our program.

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    Daniel W. Hatcher

    Lessons and activities that involve physical activity. The Eat Smart Move More North Carolina Energizers are a good reference:

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