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    Marisol Moreno

    I supervise different sites and with the end of the school year approaching I’m feeling like my teams are getting tired and burned out. Any suggestions on how to motivate a team of front line staff to finish the school year strong?!

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    We recently held a Game Show themed staff development event as a way to rejuvenate our front line staff across 8 different sites. This was a 4 hour event where we placed the staff in mixed site,mixed level teams. Throughout the day we played a variety of games that staff could take back to their sites, had a spirit competition, and began the day with a motivating message from our Director. Feedback from the staff stated that they felt more motivated for the remainder of the year and that they felt more appreciated after hearing from our Director.

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    Amira Resnick

    Keep staff meetings fun and energizing with physical activity breaks and team builders where site leads can debrief and share with each other about the things they both enjoy and struggle with in their work.
    Do a staff wellness activity where everyone draws or writes “what’s on my plate” and talk about their responsibilities and workloads, as well as the revitalizing, inspiring things that help get them through the day and keeps them strong.

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    Suzanne Hill

    Have you tried providing opportunities for meditation, art journaling and/or team building activities?

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    Daniel W. Hatcher

    Love the ideas above. I’d add nature/conservation and mindfulness activities. Here are some ideas to try:

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    Kyle Wagner

    Get them doing something completely non- school related and silly like a photo scavenger hunt throughout the city. Organize into different teams, hand out photo challenges, give them the day to complete. Have them return and share pictures via slideshow. Crack open a bottle of (insert favorite soft drink here) and laugh! 🙂

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    Daniel W. Hatcher

    Love the photo challenge idea Kyle – is it OK if I borrow it for an upcoming healthy afterschool article for Afterschool Professional’s Appreciation Week? I’ll cite you of course! – DWH

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