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    Suzanne Hill

    We are always being told that partnerships are key to the success of our programs. How can we cultivate additional partnerships with community organizations, local businesses, community colleges and the like? What are some successes others have had in bringing partners into their programs?

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    ElizaBeth Phillips

    I don’t know. This is like the universal mystery. I am commenting because I want to follow the thread and find out what others have to say.

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    We have our sponsors and partners come in on Fridays to do a small presentations to our students to tell them what they do in our community and how they contribute to our community and students. The students and partners have enjoyed them. We call it our “Hometown Heroes”.

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    Our program is working on collaborating with our local high school as well as companies and organizations. We are talking to music, choral, sports, cheer, and fine art clubs at the 3 local high schools. this way the children in our program are connecting with programs that very well might be offered when they move up to high school.

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    Daniel W. Hatcher

    I think the best way to collaborate is to give the partner a role and focus on creating something together – an early (and easy) win. A presentation together or an article you work on together, something simple and tangible. The best partnerships seem to start small and grow organically.

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    Jodie Knowles

    I have had an interesting experience trying to align with other organizations. I think the key is communicating values not just a mission statement. It shows through action. I have rushed into partnerships to only later find out we are not a good fit due to differences in values. The mission may seem in alignment but the values are what is key. It’s having an open conversation not only about vision but the meaning they will create with you and your organization. I agree with @DanielW.Hatcher that it’s best to start small and grows organically. It will be actual proof that the partnership can be reliable and sustainable.

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