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    Heather Williams

    Does anyone have creative ideas for how staff can model the Healthy Choices and Behaviors Quality Standard?

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    ElizaBeth Phillips

    Serving meals and snacks “family style” promotes staff role modeling making healthy food choices. Here is a link with more information about family style meals

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    Heather Williams

    Thanks ElizaBeth!

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    Marisol Moreno

    Have a club/class on cooking? Incorporate
    My plate website has cool ideas to use for healthy eating. Cooking will get kids excited about learning healthy eating habits. You can create recipe books with healthy meals or actually cook healthy meals. If no kitchen is available, you can use hot plates, smoothie making, crock pots etc.

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    Daniel W. Hatcher

    Here are 3 Ideas to Develop Healthy and Active Role Models from a throwback Breakfast Club article.

    You can find more ideas on our healthy afterschool blog:

    PS: there’s about a month left to apply for CA Distinguished After School Health (DASH) Program recognition:

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    Amira Resnick

    So many good ideas! And still time to brag about this healthy role modeling and other best practices by applying for Distinguished After School Health Recognition!

    In the next two weeks (by June 2), simply collect 10 easy pieces of evidence, share the successes with your school’s principal to receive her/her appreciation and acknowledgement (including a signature on your application), and upload the info online to the California Department of Education.

    The state of California will recognize your site as a leader in our field and you’ll receive a certificate of excellence to show off to parents, family, community and beyond.

    Learn more and get started here!

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