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Creating the Next Generation of Outdoor Professionals

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the outdoors, but aren’t quite sure where to start – or do you know someone else who dreams of working outdoors? Whether you’re hoping to forge your own path or are working with young people who are hoping to establish a career in the outdoors, TYO has tips on how to hone in on a career path and explore opportunities in outdoor recreation and conservation.

Water Use It Wisely

Water Use It Wisely is a conservation campaign that makes smart water use easy for everyone. The websites provides tips, games, and links for children to understand how they can make a difference in water waste.

TIME for Kids

TIME has a special online edition of their magazine specifically for kids and this environmental section has current events, activities ,and more for children to use to learn about the environment.

School Yard GEOLOGY

This website provides lesson plans on how to teach geology in the school yard by using maps, google earth, and different materials found outside.

Recycle City

Here, students can interact with a city that recycles and will learn how and what to recycle.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance provides educational resources to help students understand how important the rainforest is to our collective well being. The website provides lesson plans, rainforest presentations, articles, and profiles of native species to offer student opportunities for direct action.

Project Learning Tree

Project Learning Tree (PLT) is a program of the American Forest Foundation that uses forests to engage young Americans and provide them with environmental education. PLT provides curriculum, programs, and other resources to educators so that they can introduce their students to an array of complex

Oceans For Youth Foundation

Oceans For Youth Foundation is a non-profit that promotes underwater education and respect for the ocean in today’s youth. The foundation funds and organizes programs with a variety of education tools that help the next generation become more environmentally aware and interested in the preservation of the ocean. The website provides games, coloring books, and video to engage with its young users.

National Environmental Education Foundation

National Environmental Education Foundation strives to advance environmental knowledge among health professionals to improve the public’s health with a special emphasis on children. This organization hopes to prevent serious health conditions such as child obesity by connecting children to nature and improving their physical activity.


NeoK12 is a website that provides free online educational videos, lessons, quizzes, games, and puzzles about energy sources. The website discusses topics ranging from renewable energy to geothermal power.

My Carbon Footprint

My Carbon Footprint was created by the New York Hall of Science as an education initiative intended to create awareness about climate change among schoolteachers and students. The curriculum resource guide includes curricula and teacher training workshops for both middle and high school students.

Kids For Saving The Earth

Kids For Saving The Earth (KSE) is a non-profit that aims to inspire and empower children to protect the environment. KSE provides free educational materials, curricula, and activities on their website.